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Summary0001677: errors in list of zimezones (outdated)
Descriptiontimezones for e.g. Russia are not correct anymore. Russia has gone through a nunber of timezone and dailightsaving changes in recent years. These changes are not reflected in the list of toimezones offered and also the automatic service does not.
I had the problem with photos froma trip to St.Petersburg where GeoSetter automatically assigned UTC+4 instead of UTC+3 to my pictures.

Steps To Reproduceselect a picture with coordinates in St.Petersburg and let Geosetter assign the tomezone from teh web --> UTC+4 instead of UTC+3
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On 27 March 2011, clocks were advanced as usual, but they did not go back on 30 October 2011, effectively making Moscow Time UTC+04:00 permanently.[4] On 26 October 2014, following another change in the law, the clocks in most of the country were moved back one hour, but summer Daylight Time was not reintroduced; Moscow Time returned to UTC+03:00 permanently.[5] Since this reform, most Russian territories have a standard time ahead of mean solar time, including time in some cites ahead it even by one hour. For example, St. Petersburg at 30°E [+2h (*solar time)] has UTC+03:00, Yekaterinburg at 60°E (+4h*) has UTC+05:00, and Vladivostok at 132°E (+9h*) has UTC+10:00.
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2017-08-06 11:28

reporter   ~0002943

not only the automatic "Get from Web" shows the problem but also the manual list is wrong e.g. for Moscow

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