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0000016GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2007-12-15 19:38
Reporterpolnjumen Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version2.1.0 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.2.0 release 
Summary0000016: Problem with international characters in IPTC fields
DescriptionI filled IPTC location and description with IrfanView, Exifer and GeoSetter 2.0.1.
Then I add the same data with GeoSetter 2.1.0. Before saving, everything is OK, after saving some characters are displayed incorrectly.
After opening images in GeoSetter 2.0.1, all characters from all applications are OK.
I assume there was some change in interpretation of IPTC data between v.2.0.1 and later versions, because according to Exiftool the data in images are same.
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2007-12-10 12:03

administrator   ~0000028

The problem is more complex than it seems first.
I think you are using Czech country settings on your PC, that's why
you see other results than me. That's not good. But it's not only a
display problem. I didn't use Unicode strings for the data by now,
which I have changed yesterday. So the display and the data itself
should now consider all characters.

For XMP data there's no problem, it will be saved as UTF8 (Unicode),
but regarding the IPTC data I'm not sure at the moment. It can be
saved as UTF8 too (there's a flag in IPTC which has to be set), but I
think a lot of applications won't read it out correctly then. Normally
ISO 2022 is expected in the IPTC data, which is encoded with 8 bit.
The result is, that a user with a German PC sees other results than
users with a Czech PC. Perhaps I'll add an option to save the data as
UTF8 into IPTC. But because it's also stored as UTF8 in the XMP data,
it's perhaps ok, if the IPTC data is only encoded with 8 bit.

The only problem I still have is that I have problems to save the data
with ExifTool. For saving the IPTC data correctly, I think I have to
use the "-L" option, but for the XMP data I don't. I'll ask in the
ExifTool forum about this problem...

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