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0001347GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2017-05-16 22:50
ReporterSQuarmby Assigned ToFriedemann  
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PlatformPC - Sony Vaio Z5OSWindows 7OS VersionSP1
Product Version3.4.16 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001347: Unable to use 'assign data from favourite' feature
Descriptioni) I have created favourites.
ii) I would like to copy data from thee to images that are within the 'radius'.
iii) I can load the images and see them on the map; they lie inside the radius.
iv) The only way I understand to assign the data is to click the star and then select 'Assign data to nearby images' (I have not found another way of triggering the assignment).
v) The problem is that the pop-up which contains the 'Assign data...' hotspot only stays visible for less than 0.2 seconds; much too short for me to move the mouse to the hotspot and click.
Steps To ReproduceIt happens every time I click on an object in the map that has a pop-up. All the pop-ups are the same... they only stay visible for a very short time. It is just long enough to see part of the text but not long enough to click the mouse.
Additional InformationI would like a solution which allows the pop-ups on the map to stay visible for a minimum of 10 seconds s that they can be used.
If there is an alternative method (eg menu item) for triggering the automatic assignment of location data from a favourite, then this would be acceptable.

Thank you.
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