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0001279GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:50
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PlatformWindowsOS2008 R2OS Version
Product Version3.4.51 beta 
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Summary0001279: Issue Syncing Data - Geosetter Not Reading NMEA Correctly
DescriptionI have some large nmea files ~3MB and under.

When selecting a file (using the synchronize geo data) the report only show tracks upto 67.

If I open the single nmea file in tracks. It expands out to the following

Noname 1 - 1 67 Points 2.9km
Noname 1 - 2 18298 Points 241km

Visually, the entire nmea file loads and I can see my trip, start to finish ~244km

Steps To ReproduceLoad up attached nmea file under tracks (Its a sample of the much larger one)

You will see two sub-tracks 1-1 and 1-2

Where track 1-1 ends is where the search for a geo-match when using the synchronize geo data icon.
Additional InformationThe GPS logger is a RealTek RBT2300, recording every 2 sec's.

I've used this logger before and have put over 100K images through Geosetter. Not sure why its giving me trouble now...I did lower the recording interval to every 2 seconds.

Also, converting to GPX, KML makes no difference.
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2015-10-18 14:02


1.nmea (9,222 bytes)


2015-10-20 03:52

reporter   ~0002229

I've been looking at the nmea data and there is a problem with my logger (its changing dates halfway through the log).

Therefore this issue is not a GeoSetter issue, but a data issue on my side.

Also, I have another question. What does GeoSetter do when it see nmea logs with invalid checksums, does it ignore whole line, or ignore the checksum and process as normal.

The reason I ask is that I will manually need to correct the nmea files. I can rewrite the checksum using gpsbabel, but it will drop a decimal place off the original data (from 4 to 3) so I loose some lat/log resolution.


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