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0001230GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2017-05-16 22:51
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Platformi7 x64OSWindows OS Version7 Pro
Product Version3.4.51 beta 
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Summary0001230: Refuses to use DST offset on one PC.
DescriptionThis took me a stupidly long time to solve - mainly my fault, but it could be improved by changes to UI. I have two PCs with same OS, fully updated, same versions Geosetter and exiftool. I was recently travelling in several states of Australia - some use DST and some do not - and my laptop corrected the times properly.
But on my desktop the DST was never applied, and I eventually found the user data-preference: "Consider Daylight Saving Time in Time Zone" was not ticked.
I had disabled it a long time ago and had forgotten that I had done it.
I disabled it possibly due to poor in understanding what it was for.
Additional InformationSuggestions for improvement:

1. remove ambiguity in settings tab. The option sits under the selection box for "default timezone". I had assumed that disabling DST applied only to the default timezone and my timezone never uses DST. Perhaps it would be clearer if the option read something like "Camera time is adjusted for DST".

2. The "time adjustment" window in the "Synchronize with GPS Data" window could be made clearer. When I chose "Use Time Zone" and selected Australia/Melbourne the drop-down box is specifically modified to say "(plus DST +01:00) for all images". It then silently ignores the DST offset, after saying explicitly that DST will be applied. Instead of saying "plus DST..." it should say "DST disabled by user pref."

3. a more flexible approach would be as follows - you apparently already determine in advance that the photos were taken at a time when DST applies, and if so then you could offer an option in the time adjustment window saying "Camera time was adjusted for DST" (using the default from user prefs). After all, it is quite possible that travellers might sometimes adjust for DST and sometimes not. Or remember to adjust it a day or two later. So there could be some images with correct DST and some not
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