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0001205GeoSetterImage Datapublic2014-07-30 21:16
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PlatformPC AMD A10-5800KOSWindows 8OS Version8.1
Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0001205: Inconsistent ability to view Geotag in Picasa
DescriptionGeosetter Beginner: I have tried multiple time to synchronize the gps locations using Geosetter and view the amended information in Picasa. Previously Picasa would not recognize any of the geo-data. Today I resynchronized my photos and now some of them have the geo-data viewable in Picasa while some of them do not.

Looking at the EXIF info some of the photos have the GPS information contained in the KEYWORDS or SUBJECT lines. Picasa cannot see this data.

I've tried uninstalling picasa and reinstalling it with no luck.
Steps To ReproduceI copied the photos and gpx track to a new folder and tried the geosync a number of times and have similar but varying results. The last time I tried a different set of photos had readable geo-data while others were not.
Additional InformationAttached is one of the photos that is not recognized by Picasa.
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2014-07-28 21:46


photo 3 (5).JPG (32,087 bytes)
photo 3 (5).JPG (32,087 bytes)


2014-07-28 23:30

developer   ~0002158

what exactly are you doing when synchronizing your gps data?

Are you sure that you are using GeoSetter for this synchronization? I've never seen that GeoSetter writes "geolat=" and "geolon=" into the subject. Also GeoSetter does not write "geotagged" into the subject field.

I've also checked some of my images with Picasa. All of them are shown correctly on the map.


2014-07-29 06:28

reporter   ~0002159

Weird! Yes, I have only used GeoSetter and nothing else. I did try to make a KMZ file as well (with GeoSetter) and it worked OK but some of the thumbnails were upside down.

I'm out in the field again tomorrow and will make a new track and take new photos and try it all again and report back.


2014-07-30 08:41

reporter   ~0002162

I tried it again this evening and it worked just fine. This time I uses photos from my canon camera instead of my iphone.

Thanks for your help!

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