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0000118GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2008-01-13 02:18
ReporterDidier Reis Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.5 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.2.6 beta 
Summary0000118: On Windows XP X64 Images Prop-Sheet tab beams have only empty tabs (no name nor icons)
DescriptionWhen installed on XP X64 system GeoSetter does not seem to be able to display tab names and/or tab icons (regardless of selected language).

NOTE: same exe installed on XP X86 displays the 6 tabs with both names and icons.

NOTE: The fields in pages are correct you just can't identify tabs in tab beam.
Additional InformationThe main well known difference between X86 and X64 system is that on 64 bit OS, a 32 bit EXE does not see same "Software" registry in HKLM than 64 bit versions (unless you use 64 bit aware API & flags).

A 32bit App trying to read/write to
would be redirectected to

Some other registry locations may be redirected too...
For example:
 HKCU\Software\Classes\ ---> HKCU\Software\Classes\Wow6432Node\
If you setup registry from a 64 bit process
 (wich is the case when you let system register a REG file)
 you will setup registry entries that you will
 then fail to read from a 32 bit app...

May be this is the cause...!?
(though I could not find GeoSetter registry through a quick inspection)

You can EMail me if you have some other idea to verify
 or want me to do some test for you...

NOTE: I failed to check for an already existing bug entry because I can't read german.
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2008-01-10 22:05

administrator   ~0000257

I think the registry doesn't havy anything to do with this problem. In the data dialog, I'm drawing the tab sheet captions of my own because they should have a bold font if data on the sheet has changed, otherwise it should have normal font. So it seems that Vista 64 bit doesn't like my drawing - I don't know why.

A first solution would be to forbear from showing the bold captions for changed data when running under Vista 64 bit. I'm just looking for a possibility to find out the Windows version. May I then send you a little test program to find out if Windows Vista 64 will be recognized correctly?

Didier Reis

2008-01-11 09:43

reporter   ~0000258

Ooops... I got your mail and replied it before reading your "feedback" note, so forget about suggestion about third party control...!

Result: "Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition "
Beware of the trailing space that seems to be in the text returned by your little version checking app. may be you will need to trim the result (and possibly capitalize it) before comparison...

More over:
1- My OS IS NOT VISTA! it is Windows XP x64! yes (it does exists!)
2- I may can gain access to a Vista x64 system too:
 With some effort I can setup a Vista in a virtual machine
 for limited testing time only (because without license key)
 If I find some time to do that, I will check:
  - if same bug apply
  - what your OS version check app. returns on such OS


2008-01-13 02:18

administrator   ~0000266

This problem occurs on XP 64 AND Vista 64. So I fixed it for Winodws 64 bit versions.

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