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0001176GeoSetterImage Datapublic2017-05-16 22:50
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Summary0001176: windows explorer "title" field aka XPTitle
DescriptionI use the widows explorer "title" field to catalogue my photos (canon .jpg images). This is the "-XPTitle" field written by Exiftool.

I am trying out GeoSetter to add map co-ordinates. I notice when I save the file in GeoSetter, the text in the "title" field is no longer visible when using windows explorer.

When I use exiftool with the -XPTitle option to read the title, I can see a valid title. When I use windows explorer, click on "properties" and then "summary", the title is missing.

If I try and re-write the title using exiftool -XPTitle, no title is visible in windows explorer. If I edit the title in windows explorer "properties" the title becomes visible again - BUT, disappears if I update the photo's metadata again within GeoSetter.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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2016-03-18 02:08

reporter   ~0002237

A workaround could be to use the Exiftool Commands to add aditional information after changes are applied. This is accesible in the Settings, under Exiftool. I use it for example to add the camera serial number to the Microsoft XMP tag:


You could use it to copy another field to the XPTitle. Do also note the XPTitle is a non-standard legacy field leftover from WindowsXP. It is still supported by Windows but few other apps read it.


2016-04-14 11:03


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