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0001067GeoSetterImage Datapublic2013-11-20 13:35
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Product Version3.4.12 Release 
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Summary0001067: no map
DescriptionI have a big problem with geosetter: the map isn't working anymore, everything is greyed out. Rrestarting my Laptop and Geosetter didn't work. Yesterday it was working perfectly but after i opened it today and installed the latest update the whole map is greyed out. The Problem code is: 80020101: showMap3.

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2013-11-20 12:19


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Unbenannt.png (7,931 bytes)

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geosetter_new_map.jpg (137,266 bytes)


2013-11-20 13:34

administrator   ~0001940

Yes :-) Google switched off Google Maps API version 2 yesterday (see here I changed the map file already last weekend to use API version 3, but unfortunately it seems that still the old version will be used by GeoSetter because it is taken from the cache. Also clearing the cache of Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn't help. So you have to adjust the map file in program settings to "" (please see attached screenshot).

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